About mapolis

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew who owns what, who has designed, built, supplied what, with all the estates and buildings we see? Which company finances, manages, cleans, rents out which compound? And who are the ones in charge with these companies? If there was something that made all this visible?


About mapolis


mapolis.com is a network and a navigator for architecture, the construction industry and the real estate industry and gives you insights and the cutting edge in terms of knowledge and know-how within the industry.


mapolis stands for a new dimension: People, buildings and companies can be displayed and connected within their respective contexts. You decide about how you wish to present yourself and thus improve your presence on the web. People and companies will find relevant information, partners and bases for their decisions and in turn will be found by others .

About mapolis

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Present yourself, your company, your products and become more visible to others
  • Connect yourself with the projects you were involved in and thus show your competence 
  • Make use of mapolis and be among the top ranks in the Google search engine
  • Get to know everything about projects, companies and people and improve the bases of the decisions you make 
  • Get to know the relations between people, companies and buildings and thus spot new business potentials
  • Get in touch with people from the architectural, the construction and the real estate industry from all over the world and thus expand your clientele  
  • Establish your own network 

Benefit from your own network.

people building business. Get connected!

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