Allianz Arena



    • The architecture office Herzog & de Meuron (from Basel, CH) created the most spectacular football stadium all over the world.
      To reach this they used sophisticated technology and innovative building materials. To shape the façade they used 2760 membrane pillows with a skin of just 0,2mm thin special translucent plastic. All together they used 66.500 m² of this plastic membrane pillows. This is the biggest membrane skin which was ever built.
      The whole area has 300.000m² and on 7 levels there are 171.000m² floor space. And all of that´s needed. The games in the Allianz Arena are usually sold out. The building is like a witch´s cauldron with 2,9m³. It has 3 stands with huge inclination angles (24°/30°/34°). That´s why you have a great view to the game from every seat.
      The field has 8000m2 special lawn. There are 2 restaurants for the football fans and 28 kiosks with food and beverage. The third restaurant “Arena a la Carte” offers gastronomic specialties.

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Key Figures

    • Year of Construction: 2005
    • Usable Floor Area: 171,000 sqm
    • Industrial real estate: 300,000 sqm
    • Number of floors: 7