An der Alster 1



    • The office building with the adress Alster 1 trys to link the indoor space with the landscape. The striking façade of the building reflects this. The openings in the facade are trying to thematize the views of the waterscape of the Alster. The park which is located in the front of the building uses the same formal language as the facade of the building.
      "The eyes of the facade and the green eyes of the park are meeting places and places of communication." (Quote website). The site is located at the interface between water and the lively downtown area of Hamburg. For this reason, the architects have tried to make the transition from city to nature. This building is a concrete structure with large spans. This allows a high flexibility in the floor plans.

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Key Figures

    • Year of Construction: 2007
    • Gross floor space: 6,555 sqm
    • Number of floors: 6
    • Building height: 20 m