Coal Washing Plant



    • The building was designed by the architects Schupp and Kremmer. The conversion is performed in a modern, cubist shapes with a curtain wall with brick filled steel framework. Since 1986 the Zollverein is a listed building. The coal washing plant was originally more a machine than a building. Here the coal mined was
      separated from the clinging rock. With remodelling the building from the use for coal washing event into an exhibition and venue a lot of criteria had to be considered. The machinery in the upper part of the building was obtained to a large extent. As the coal washing plant hadn't had an adequate entrance because of its original use, a 24.5 meter high freestanding gangway has been erected as an access to the visitor center. In addition, a glass pavilion was placed on top of the existing building. The function room offers a breathtaking view over the Ruhr. In the transfigured, former coal bunkers in the lower part of the coal washing plant there is now the new exhibition space for the Ruhr Museum.

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Key Figures

    • Year of Construction: 2006
    • Building height: 37 m