Commerzbank Tower



    • Every German financial institute with a reputation just has to have a high-rise in the CBD Frankfurt. The Commerzbank hast the highest with almost 269 meters – with antenna actually 298,74 meters. However, that was not enough for Commerzbank wanted also be on top when it came to sustainability, preserving energy and being employer friendly. Winter gardens have been integrated into the building and the office floors are basically built as steel bridges between the three columns of the construction. Even though the world of finance is in uproar and everything turned upside down, the Commerzbank tower is and will be steadfast.
      The Commerzbank Tower is the highest office building in Europe and was designed by Foster + Partners and opened after a construction period of 3 years in 1997. The reason why the tower only consumes half as much energy as other buildings its size is the double-façade structure that was used. The numerous gardens in the tower also ensure a more pleasant working environment.

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Key Figures

    • Year of Construction: 1997
    • Gross floor space: 109,200 sqm
    • Number of floors: 50
    • Building height: 259 m