Goethe Universität Campus Westend Hauptgebäude



    • Unlike many other university buildings this one is clean from graffiti and posters glued to its walls. The history of Europe’s largest office from the 30s is quite varied. Built as IG Farben headquarters, the company had a bad reputation after World War II due to producing gas for the concentration camp in Auschwitz and utilizing forced labourer. Later the undestroyed building was the administrative office of the US Army before it was given as a political token to the University of Frankfurt.
      Coming from the city, the building, planned by Hans Poelzig, resembles a castle and is a representative and imposing structure – even though no high-rise.

      Architect: Hans Poelzig, Berlin

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    • Year of Construction: 1931
    • Year of the last complete refurbishment: 2001