Kunstmuseum Stuttgart



    • The Kunstmuseum Stuttgart is located at the "Kleiner Schloßplatz 1" square, which arose in1968 in the city center. In the 80 years this proved to be an outdated traffic planning and thus the square became the subject of urban planning competitions.

      The architectural firm Hascher Jehle won an open architecture competition in 1999. The new building is divided into two parts, a visible glass cube that houses the temporary exhibitions of the museum and an underground exhibition space, which uses tunnels no longer in use, in which the permanent collection is presented.

      A spacious porch provides a public space, maintains the distance to the opposite historic Königsbau and connects smoothly "Kleinen Schlossplatz" and the Königsstraße.

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Key Figures

    • Year of Construction: 2004
    • Gross floor space: 13,000 sqm