Side Hotel Hamburg



    • The main part of the 5* hotel "SIDE" is the 30m high atrium with a light enactment of Robert Wilson. Two room-high light fields shining up in a calm rotation characterize this room.
      From the atrium one can reach the conference rooms, the media-lounge, the library as well as the bar and the restaurant of the hotel called "Fusion". The atrium is surrounded by two different buildings. A crystalline angle encloses the hotel towards the street. Its double-facade serves as a buffer against climate and noise. The backward-located part of the building is coated by light green natural stone and surmounts the building part in the front by 4 floors.
      In the lower floors a conference hall and a luxurious spa with a pool, sauna and fitness area are located.

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Key Figures

    • Year of Construction: 2001
    • Usable Floor Area: 17,500 sqm