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The uniqueness of mapolis is its three-dimensionality. Registered mapolis users can create the three dimensions “People”, “Companies” and “Buildings” online with mapolis and connect them with each other in terms of topics. The result will be a 3D-network that makes the interdependencies within the real estate industry visible and browseable. mapolists know which people and companies are dealing with which premises, areas and buildings, performing which services and topics at which quality level.

The mapolis functionalities at a glance:

  • Searching and filtering
    You’re looking for a certain person, new partners or new customers? No problem. mapolis will help you navigate quickly and easily through the real estate industry and find valuable information and contacts.
  • Locating
    You want to know about the locations of projects, companies and people? You would like to get to know your neighbors? The mapolis map function allows you to find out what’s going on and where.
  • Informing and presenting
    You want to present your competences? Or you need more information about a potential partner, a product or a company? mapolis lets you know who is doing what and where and lets others know about your services. Get plenty of information for making the best decision for your enterprise.
  • Communicating, interacting and commenting
    Do you have anything to say? Do you have an opinion? Do you have brand-new information or a question? Is there a topic you would like to talk about? Make use of mapolis to get heard by the pros. Communicating via mapolis is quick, professional, direct and uncomplicated. 
  • Networking 
    You have interesting contacts, great projects, renowned employers? Show you connections on mapolis! A good reference has more credibility than any marketing message. 
  • Working together
    Who is dealing with the same topics? Who can provide solutions for your problems? mapolis will help you find the right project partners and customers and co-operate with them successfully.


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