Terminal 1 Barcelona Airport



    • The purpose of the new terminal is to be the communication port of Barcelona to the European environment, enhance transfer traffic, improve accessibility to the airport by all modes of transport, high speed train, commuter trains and the future enlargement of 9 subway line. It has an area of approximately 525,000 m2 and can absorb traffic of 25 million passengers, double the current terminals all together. The building consists of two main blocks under one roof: a block of up to 500 meters wide, which are made billing processes, security and baggage, and passengers connecting with the various modes of transport, and a 700 meters long which houses the boarding areas, waiting and commercial equipment. The architecture combines an international and multicultural environment the brightness and warmth of Mediterranean architecture. Its transparency favors the natural lighting in all areas for passengers, allowing a broad view of the slopes, the vegetation and the sea as a backdrop.

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Key Figures

    • Year of Construction: 2009
    • Usable Floor Area: 525,000 sqm